Rise above others with pull-ups

By Charmaine Cardenas – Program Coach – Mudon Community Club – Fitness First

When it comes to back development and building a nice tapered-V look, the pull-up is the best.

This exercise is classified as a closed kinetic chain (CKC) movement (your effort moves you, rather than an open kinetic chain where your effort moves an object), which is safer and more functional than an open kinetic chain exercise.

Why you should add pull-ups to your workout routine

  • Gain muscles around your shoulders and especially on your back (latissimus dorsi).
  • Strengthens your grip.
  • Of course, it’s good for weight loss!

Just follow these simple steps on how to do a pull-up in order to do them right, target the correct muscles and prevent injury to yourself:

  • Jump and grab onto the bar and let your body hang on it, pull grip and straight arms.
  • Now, try to squeeze your abs, glutes and put your legs together, pull your body up until your chin reaches the bar then slowly go down to the start position and repeat again.

Two types of pull-ups you should try to do:

Strict pull-up

traditonal pull-up1 tradiytional pull up2

The traditional or strict pull-up is performed without momentum. It is challenging to do lots of repetitions in this form.

Kipping pull-up

kipping pullup1 kipping pullup2 kipping pullup3

This is performed using momentum and is extremely efficient. The technique can be tough to master to begin with.

What if I can’t do a pull-up?

If you have trouble performing pull-ups, don’t worry, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

If you can’t do pull-ups right now, start out by doing either partner or band assisted pull-ups. Keep track of your progress and use a smaller band each week, so you are pulling more of the load. In no time at all, you will be cranking out proper pull-ups.