Race-Pace Training


By Talal Almoallem, Head Coach, Masters Swim, Fitness First

Race-pace training is swimming repeats at a current or desired race pace. The rest intervals should be the shortest length that will allow the swimmer to swim at that pace.

Primary effects of race-pace training:

  • Improves interaction of aerobic and anaerobic metabolic processes that result in a faster and more economic energy supply at race pace.
  • Improves sense of maintaining race pace in competition.
  • Improves swimming with the most efficient combination of stroke rate and stroke length.
  • Improves the swimmers’ confidence in their ability to maintain a certain pace in competition.

Secondary effects of race-pace training:

  • Increased VO2 Max.
  • Increased muscle buffering capacity.
  • Increased aerobic and anaerobic muscular endurance.

Progressive overload:

In order to achieve the targeted goal and increase performance, the swimmer must progressively overload through increased volume, increased frequency, increased intensity and/or reduce rest intervals. The swimmer is guaranteed the best results he can get if the principle of progressiveness if followed correctly.

Constructing a Race-Pace set:

The Race-Pace repeat sets are constructed as follows and can be found under the Threshold Sets category in our Masters Swim Program:

Set length: 200-2000m

Repeat distance: 1/2-1/4 of race distance for events of 200m or less and 1/4-1/16 for longer events.

Rest interval: 10-30sec for 100m repeats or less and 1min for longer repeats.

Training speed: Current or desired race speed.

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