Military Made: Fit for Duty

By Daniel Martins – Personal Trainer at Fitness First DIFC.

Doing the same workouts and exercises week after week does not achieve good results. This also makes people frustrated because your works are repetitive and boring but this could all change if you add some simple exercises that have been around for years. Since almost every training concept or method came from the military routines, we can, and should, embrace some basic exercises to improve our workouts and boost the results.

These ‘basic exercises’ may look simple, but remember that they came from people who rely on strength and conditioning not only to be healthy and lean, but also to survive. Therefore their efficiency is already proven.

Try to introduce some of these exercises into your routine so you can experience the ultimate results

1 – The “Log PT”1_the_log_pt

PT means Physical Training. With a barbell, sandbag or the VIPR bar, we can redefine the concept of shoulders and core training.

5 Sets of 10 reps

– Hold the Log, and then switch from one shoulder to the other for 10 times. Then hold the log overhead and do 10 overhead squats. 30 seconds rest and again. Remember that the strength and stability comes from the core.

2 – The “Calisthenics”

Back to basics. No weights, no problem. This is where it all started. Bodyweight and coordination are tested to burn calories and improve your power and agility.

4 Sets with no Rest

  • 5 Pull Ups2_pullup
  • 20 Push Ups (with the knees if you are not ready yet)2_pushup
  • 50 Jumping Jacks 2_jumping_jacks

3 – The “Combat”

Get ready for the heavy duty. Increase the loads to make your stamina and endurance improve. These exercises will improve your cardio respiratory endurance whilst increasing your strength with the weightlifting.

6 Sets of 6 Reps

  • Deadlifts (Barbell, Trap bar or Sandbag)3_deadlifts

4 Sets of 400m

  • Barbell farmer’s walk (dumbbells or VIPR bars)3_barbell_farmers

Hope you enjoyed the Military Workout and can now start implementing some of these exercises into your routine so you become fit for duty!