Every Minute has a Silver Lining

By Natasha Fox-Martins, Personal Trainer, Fitness First, XFit Media City

Whenever I think about what kind of training I’m going to do for the day, I always try to include some ‘On The Minute’ (OTM), high intensity work.
An OTM workout means you are given certain exercises, or one specific exercise, that you are meant to complete beginning at the top of the minute, within that minute. This means you have the entire 60 seconds to finish that exercise before you move on to the next one. However, you only have what’s left in that time to rest. For example, if you finish your assigned exercise of 10 Burpees within 40 seconds, you then have the remaining 20 seconds to rest until the beginning of the following minute. Translation: the faster you finish, the more rest you have.
The reason why I enjoy this type of training so much is because it enables me to push myself and challenge my limits. I am no longer in a state of mind that allows me to talk myself out of finishing a workout or become lazy during an exercise.
Additionally, this type of training drives competition within myself to finish the work no matter what. The most difficult part of designing this kind of workout is understanding your limits and differentiating the fine line between what would be challenging, versus unachievable.
This kind of training is suitable for anyone at any fitness level, because you can manage your effort and complete the exercises at your own pace. The important thing to remember is how to test your body appropriately and create a workout that is both fun and equally challenging.
A format that I tend to always fall back on, is a routine that includes heavy lifting mixed with some cardio training. The heavy lifting helps me to build muscle mass and strength, while exercises such as sprints, cycling or rowing increases my cardiovascular endurance. As someone who favours freestyle training, I tend to choose major lifts such as deadlifts, cleans, squats and presses. Throw some rowing and/or running in the mixture, and I am all set for a beautiful sweat fest.

Whether you’ve tried this type of training before, or are inspired to give it a shot, here is a workout that is one of my favorites and never ceases to challenge me in every way:

1. Power Cleans

Reps: 5

2. Front Squats

Reps: 5

3. Push Press

Reps: 5

4. Burpees

Reps: 10

5. Calorie row

Men: 15 / Women: 12

Repeat minutes 1-5 until 15 minutes is complete