Building high performance, quality and explosive functional muscle

High Performance

By Ryan Thomas, General Manager & XFit Coach, FF Knowledge Village Club

The 100’s Club Workout:

The aim of this workout is to add quality slabs of functional high performance muscle to your legs, core, arms and chest. The other added benefit is the mental performance development that will help you subdue that little voice inside your head that keeps telling you that “you can’t do this…”

Muscular Development Focus: Quads, glutes, hamstrings, calfs, core, chest, triceps and anterior deltoids.

Make sure you warm up….take 10-15min to do a little hip, ankle and shoulder mobility.


Back Squat 70% – 100% of your body weight for 100 reps (off the squat rack for time)

There is a catch….every time you need place the bar back on the rack to rest you will complete a 15 strict push-ups penalty. This will flush the blood from the legs to your chest, shoulders and triceps giving your body an opportunity to drive fresh oxygenated blood back into your legs when you hit your next set of squats.

This will maximize your anterior chain development with the combination of the positive stress the squat load places on your quads and the primal muscular firing of the push-up.

This break/penalty also gives you something else to focus on while you are chipping away at your 100 reps.

The squat rep scheme can be broken down as you see fit. You will need to be strategic with your reps to fit your squatting and push-up capability.

Movement Standards/Process:

Back Squats

Get the bar loaded with a total weight that reflects 70% – 100% of your body weight.

Start the movement with the bar placed on the meaty part of your upper back across the traps and shoulders, hands placed just on the outside of your shoulders gripping the bar in position, keep your elbows down and not back. Feet facing forward, positioned about a shoulder-width apart.

From an upright position take a deep breath holding the air in your belly, squat drive your knees apart and outwards maintaining a tall chest/torso position on the way down. Once your hip crease sinks below your knees squeeze your calfs, breathe out hard and stand-drive your hips into an upright solid standing position. Repeat this movement in the rep scheme you are capable of until you get to 100 reps.

Strict Pushup

“The Daddy” of Anterior chain body weight development; you just need the floor for this.

Start in a plank push-up position, palms flat on the ground, hands about a shoulder width apart directly in line and underneath your shoulders , neck is neutral and in line with your spine, back is flat, keep your abs and glutes tight, legs stiff and strong with your feet within a shoulder width apart.

Bend your elbows alongside your body lowering your chest to the floor, maintain a solid mid line as you descend and utilise the muscles in your chest, triceps, shoulders, lats, glutes and core to control the movement. Maintain stiff legs, let your chest hit the floor, make sure that your abs, hips and quads are not in contact the ground, breath out hard and drive your body back into a plank position by straightening your arms. Really focus on muscles you are using to drive body up and down, use more than just your chest and triceps, try to incorporate your lats and shoulders whilst bracing your abs to get the best out of this movement.

Repeat this for 15 reps. If you need to rest, go into a yoga ’child’s pose’ stretching your arms away from you and driving your hips back and down, shake your arms out and attack the rest of those push-ups.

Results matter…

  • Do this workout working against a timed clock and yourself
  • Make sure you note how many back squat reps you have completed each time you break and cross them off as you push to 100 reps
  • Try to complete this workout once a week varying the %’s of your bodyweight you work with each week based on how your body feels……if you feel you can work heavier than work heavier but you will need to complete the reps and maintain the weight you have chosen for the day.
  • Keep track of the time it took to finish the 100 reps , what weight you used and monitor how many rounds of push-ups you did.
  • Try to aim to complete this in 25min or less and build a better version of yourself!