Build a chiselled frame

By Paul Novelo, Personal Trainer, Fitness First Ibn Battuta

It’s hard to go wrong if you aim to achieve. This mindframe will help you gain fitness by working out with an intensity that will promote a change to your body. This routine will get your body pumped as it works on your upper and lower body and most importantly, your core!








One arm kettlebell swing with plyometric lunges

Start by holding KB in one arm and in a lunges position then swing the KB using your core, then jump into a standing position then immediately go back to starting position.
Reps: Eight each arm.

One arm kettlebell swing with lunges, squat and shoulder press

Start in lunge position, swing the KB using your core going to standing position then catch the KB using the other hand then do squat and press and then go back to starting position.
Reps: 12

Walking lunges with barbell trunk rotation

While holding the BB in a standing position, step one foot and then lunge while rotating your trunk going to the same side of the foot in front.
Reps: Eight each side.

Test yourself by doing these three exercises for four rounds with a two-minute break in between each round.