Train like UAE Team Emirates sprinter Alexander Kristoff

UAE Team Emirates

UAE Team Emirates’ world class sprinter, Alexander Kristoff is all the inspiration we need to stay fit and lead a healthy lifestyle.

During the off season, Kristoff trains at least 3 times a week but during the season only once as he is constantly racing.

Kristoff starts his training with a 1.5-hour strength workout and completes the session with 5 x 10-minutes of interval training on his bike.

Kristoff said “It is leg day every day for me. When I stop cycling, I will focus more on my upper body and arms, but as a cyclist I don’t need it. You get a lot of upper body exercise for free when you use free weights and do squats for example.”

1.“With this exercise I usually do 3×15 sets or 15-12-10 and increase the weight when I do less reps.”

2. “Same for this exercise- I usually do 3×15 sets or 15-12-10 with more weights. When I am training alone, I listen to hardstyle music, my favourite song at the moment is: Face of a champion – Coone & Sun zero Project. It helps me to get in the zone and make the most of my workout.”

3. “In the first weeks I do lighter weights and more reps. With squats I do 20-15-12-10-8-10 reps in every set. 20 is one set and 15 next set and so on. When I change my sets, I change my weights as well. When I do 20 reps, I do 60kg as a warmup. Then 90kg for 15 reps, 100kg for 12 reps, 110kg for 10 reps and I finish it with 8 reps of 120kg. After I have trained for around a month with more reps, I start doing less reps and more weights. Like 4-4-4-4 160kg-200kg. The most weight I have ever squatted is 210kg, but this year 190kg in total.”

One key piece of advice Kristoff would recommend is “Start easy to avoid injury. You need to use a few months to get you where you want to be. Try to train strength and core 2-3 times a week. If you only train on a bike for example, it is easy to get injury in your knees or other pain when you pedal.”

“With strength training you can strengthen up all parts of the body, so you get more robust and less injuries.”

“In the first weeks it is important to do lighter weights and more reps. If you’re new to this work out, it’s best to start with bodyweight squats so you can get the form down, which will help you avoid injuries.’