Total Body Conditioning Circuit

By Trevor Flowers, Senior Fitness Manager, Fitness First Motor City

Forget about traditional cardio. If you want to strip body fat and build lean muscle then give this Total Body Conditioning Circuit a go…

These days, running one hour on a treadmill with the hope of shedding a few unwanted pounds is considered old fashioned in the fitness world.  The concept of fat loss is now turning towards high intensity metabolic circuits and total body conditioning.  This type of training has proven to be massively effective for achieving great reduction in body fat, with the added bonus of improved fitness levels.  Total body conditioning does what it says on the tin.


These circuits involve exercises that have you pulling, pushing, and throwing heavy objects with the idea of elevating your heart rate, and ultimately torching some body fat.  You will work at an effort level of approximately 80-90% of your maximum heart rate which is pretty hard on your cardiovascular system.  These exercises will tax the whole body and get you working up a sweat in just a few minutes.


You will complete eight exercises back to back in a circuit fashion.  After the last exercise you will rest up to 90 seconds before you begin the next circuit.

PLEASE NOTE you will need some space on the gym floor for this workout so make sure not to attempt this during your gym peak hours.

Challenge yourself and complete five circuits of the following exercises:

25 Yard Tyre Fliptyreflip

Take a wide stance close to the tire, and sit down into a squat position with your chest elevated. Grip the bottom of the tire, load the glutes and drive through the heels to lift the tire up off the floor and push it over.  Repeat this until you have completed 25 yards.

25 Yard Tyre Drag (Rope)



With a battle rope attached to the tyre, stand over one end of the rope.  Lean back slightly as you pull the rope through your legs, alternating your arms with each pull.  You must pull the tyre a full 25 yards.

25 Yard Hex Bar Farmers Walk


Simply pick up the loaded Hex bar with a strong grip and carry it for a distance of 25 yards.

25 Yard Tyre Push


With this exercise the key thing is to keep low to the ground.  Split your stance and drive the legs to push the tyre forward.  You will push the tyre until you have completed 25 yards.

25 Yard Tyre Drag (TRX)


With a TRX strap attached to the tyre you will drag the tire back to its original position.  Fully extend your arms and sit into a squat position. Row the straps towards your hips to pull the tire towards you.  Repeat this until you have completed 25 yards.

10 Slam Ball Throwdowns

slamballthrow1 slamballthrow2

Pick up the slam ball (or medicine ball) and lift it above your head, then slam it down to the ground using power from your core. Repeat for 10 slams.

10 Barbell Clean and Press

barbellcleanandpress2 barbellcleanadnpress3 barbellcleanandpres1

Using an empty barbell, stand with your feet hip-width apart.  Clean the bar up to your chest, pulling the elbows under.  Press the bar directly above the head, then lower the bar back to the start position.  Repeat this movement for 10 repetitions.

20 Rope Undulations


In a slightly bent over position with your knees flexed, take hold of the battle ropes in both hands.  Make sure the ropes are not tight before you start.  Using small, fast movements, whip the ropes alternatively to make an undulating pattern. Repeat this for a total of 20 undulations each side.

‘To change your body you need to get comfortable being uncomfortable’