Top tips for achieving personal balance

By: Dr. Lanalle Dunn, Founder of The Chiron Clinic

Prioritise goals and ask yourself ‘WHY’

Achieving something is important. Creating a quantifiable plan to achieve the goal is wise; for example “weight loss” is not actionable but “doing a yoga class twice a week and drinking more water daily” is specific and achieves the goal faster.

Don’t sit around for too long – move instead!

Weight loss is on almost everyone’s mind at the start of the year. Exercise in a fun way and
schedule a minimum of 30 minutes of movement per day. Too many of us sit for long hours which is now considered “the new smoking”! Exercise helps to reduce stress levels, releases feel-good hormones and improves sleep patterns.

Sleep– are you getting enough?

Less than eight hours a day has been shown to contribute to obesity, poor memory, reduced resilience to stress and even lowered immunity. Take a look at the quality of your sleep and how you can improve your slumber to improve emotional, mental and physical health. Take a long bath before bed or drink a cup of chamomile tea as part of your sleep routine.

Get a health tune-up!

Engage in your own health-care by talking to your health providers to assess your health status. Naturopathic doctors help people to prevent illness and work with individuals to optimise their current health by running blood tests, evaluating function and even fine-tuning nutrition to give the body the best nutrients.

Enrich your mindset

By counteracting every negative thought with a positive one. Research shows that our mindset and overall approach to life have significant impacts on our health and well-being. If you are struggling with emotional issues and need more guidance, this is the best time to make the commitment to seek a counsellor or psychologist. Deep breathing and meditation also go a long way to achieving a positive outlook.

Be aware of your environment.

Does your personal space reflect serenity and organisation, or is it cluttered and chaotic? Your environment at work and at home influence your mood, and your mood and physical health will reflect the environment around you. Spending time in nature is restorative and buffers against stress so taking a walk at lunch time or getting a nice plant in your office space will help lift your mood.