Workouts become easier with HUAWEI FreeLace earphones


Finding appropriate headphones or earphones to use in the gym or when out running has been a constant issue for me for the last few years. I have tried out headphones but they are too heavy and you’re scared about damaging them, whereas standard iPod earphones don’t function properly when they are wet which is most the time when running outside in the soaring Dubai heat!

I was lucky enough to try out the new HUAWEI FreeLace earphones and they’ve been a game-changer. They were simple to set up, looked cool with their flamboyant, orange style and provided phenomenal sound quality which helped me workout harder and keep me in the mood when the going gets tough and your body tells you to quit. These earphones are ideal for fitness enthusiasts in the Middle East because they are sweatproof and provide you with all-round protection throughout the day.

Another fantastic feature is the battery power. A single charge lasts 18 hours and if you are getting low, HUAWEI FreeLace can be powered using your phone during an emergency through plug-and-charge technology. How cool is that? However, this shouldn’t happen as the HUAWEI FreeLace allows you 4-hours playback time with just five minutes of charging.

With a competitive price tag, awesome features and a style that’ll make you stand out in your workouts, you should invest in a pair of HUAWEI FreeLace earphones. You won’t regret it.

By Scott Grayston