The Naked Truth to fuel for athletic and mental success

Naked Truth

Wellbeing, as of late has become an extremely sought after concept by the masses for its positive connotations used to describe mental, physical and emotional health. Distinguishing between the areas in a person’s life that need to be taken care of or built on is not exactly an easy feat as there are many facets involved. However, wellness and fitness facility, StudioRepublik operates a 360-degree approach when dealing with wellbeing, with three main aspects involving periodization in fitness, specificity in training and personalization of the entire journey, because as you know, fitness will never be “one-size fits all”.

Sometimes a person gets to a point in their fitness journey where the workouts don’t seem all that strenuous anymore, and the body has adapted to the exercise and needs a “shock” to the system. This is where periodization comes in, which is basically resistance training in a nutshell. Instead of sticking to the same exercise routine day in day out, switch up your program at regular intervals whilst giving  yourself adequate rest and time to heal, this will keep your body working harder. The Arena at StudioRepublik is the platform dedicated to contemporary group and individual experiences. It provides the perfect balance of stimuli with qualified professionals at hand to assist each individual on their journey. Understanding an individual’s limit when it comes to “periodizing” training takes years to master, one of the reasons why the role of a trainer is so important, as they are better versed when making a call based on a person’s physiology and lifestyle. However, the best results occur when we listen to our bodies and have open communication with trainers. This is where the magic of coaching and regular training can showcase improvement and increase success.

Specificity in training is crucial for achieving impactful athletic and wellness progress. The theory of specificity states that in order to obtain the desired results, sports training should be applicable and appropriate to the sport for which the individual is training for. This is to let the body adapt to the particular motions of that specific sport or activity and let it imprint on the muscle as a memory. In simpler terms, practice makes perfect. Through research, StudioRepublik has curated the adequate tools, skills and experts to be available all in one facility and at a person’s disposal to develop the skill of choice by balancing workouts and training sessions appropriate to their fitness level and needs.

Individualistic needs, especially when it comes to mental and physical wellbeing, cannot be a part of a prepackaged program, which is why the shift to personal trainers brought out significantly optimal results and personal empowerment. To accommodate each member’s essential requirements, StudioRepublik has designed an exclusive personalization tool called the K8 (Konfigurate) assessment program. This interactive tool helps members learn more about their bodies, wellbeing and understand their needs. Along with a personalized training program, it offers real-time progress updates and analyses everything from blood, body composition, posture and endurance level. The Lab at StudioRepublik is also uniquely equipped to offer integrated wellness services using advanced technology and outstanding talent to obtain tangible results.

With world-class wellness experts with years of experience and knowledge under their belts, guiding several programs which cater to the individualistic needs, fitness requirements and interests of each member, StudioRepublik is an effectively personalized wellness and fitness facility. So, grab your workout gear because it is time to come to life with your one-stop shop for all things wellbeing.