PUMA ONE Boots: Classic style, latest technology, elegant design


By Scott Grayston

It’s almost impossible to find a newly-released pair of boots that aren’t pink, yellow or lime green these days. Old-school footballers and traditionalists often stick to the classic adidas Copa Mundials but if you are seeking boots with flair, quality and the latest technology, look no further than the new PUMA ONE boots.

The PUMA ONE’S, which are predominantly white with black sock-like inner and orange detail, replace the outgoing evoSPEED and evoTOUCH designs that PUMA have previously released. Therefore, these boots are designed to offer you the full spectrum of attributes on the pitch, known to PUMA as – FIT, FAST and FEEL. Here’s how the new PUMA ONE’s work:

  • They FIT perfectly because of the engineered evoKnit sock which enables you to have more control of the ball.
  • They are ultra-light from the natural, soft Kangaroo leather and the lightweight Pebax outsole so you feel FAST in them which gives you confidence.
  • They FEEL phenomenal due to the super soft quality and the heightened evoKnit collar that adds support and comfort.

The PUMA ONE boots are worn by Antoine Griezmann and Sergio Aguero, who are two of the best strikers on the planet, and Arsenal speed demon Hector Bellerin. This proves that they are suitable and fitting for every type of player so don’t be put off if you’re not an attack-minded footballer.

Atletico Madrid’s Griezmann and Arsenal legend Thierry Henry actually helped create the boots with the help of PUMA.

PUMA said: “Today’s players are not good at one thing. They are good at a lot of things.

“With that in mind we set out to design something that would deliver the needs of all players into one boot.

“To begin with we consulted Antoine Griezmann, youth academy players and football obsessed teens.

“What was abundantly clear was that they wanted a boot that had a great FIT, that helped them to move FAST and gave them more FEEL on the ball.

“To complete the process Thierry Henry was brought on board and played a major role in ensuring we catered to every type of player.

“Thanks to these insights we can deliver a football boot that excels in fit, fast and feel.”


I’m a huge fan of these new PUMA boots and certainly recommend you investing in them for this season. You don’t often find boots that are light like the Nike Vapors but protective and comfortable like the adidas Predators but the PUMA ONE’s fill both these voids.