AlphaBOUNCE Beyond your limits in adidas’ latest training footwear


By Scott Grayston

The new adidas AlphaBOUNCE are one of the most game changing footwear releases in sport because they are the first running franchise designed specifically for athletes.

This is the second generation of this type of bulky, light and cushioning footwear which aims to provide athletes with even more of what they need to dominate their sport. I was impressed most with the vast size of the sole which provides support and makes them springy and flexible which would be great for sprints and multidirectional movements.

The AlphaBOUNCE can be used for a variety of sports aside from just running which makes them different to the popular UltraBOOST footwear that are designed specifically to give you comfort and a boost when out on the track or the streets. The AlphaBOUNCE Beyond trainers also come in an array of colours and you can even design your own by starting with a blank canvas on the adidas website which will delight the creative ones amongst us.

If you are looking for a casual pair of trainers that you can use for a number of sports that require short and fast movements like basketball, netball, squash or badminton and you enjoy running – I think the adidas AlphaBOUNCE Beyond could be the perfect fit for you.

You can find them and other fantastic adidas training attire and footwear on