adidas PureBOOST DPR – Savvy for the streets

By Scott Grayston

The United Arab Emirates is an extraordinary place to live with the amount of opportunities there are to run in events and keep yourself active in societies. However, running on the streets into unknown territories is something I love doing in the UK but am restricted to in Dubai with the insane amount of traffic, sweltering temperatures and lack of routes. This was my perspective before being invited to join the ‘adidas Runners Dubai’ team and fellow journalists for a outing through the busy old streets of Deira – somewhere I’d only visited for schwarmas not sprints!

Four-time Guinness world record holder, Lee Ryan, lead the run for a couple of kilometres before stopping for a quick break and a defining moment, as we switched our original shoes for a pair of the brand new Adidas PureBOOST DPR trainers that are optimised for the streets. These funky new trainers were both light but durable and felt unique compared to previous running trainers I’ve consumed because they had a wide forefront and a more adaptive fit. Not only did they look fashionable, they performed brilliantly as we ran through the urban streets of Deira high-fiving and being cheered every step of the way by the charismatic salesman. These trainers unleashed a strong impulse that made you want to run outside and explore in the chaos of the city.

Whenever a new product comes out it can be challenging to notice a difference from its predecessor but these PureBOOST DPR’s are an exception. I felt I possessed more power, comfort and stability when trying to break through the pain barrier by maintaining a quick pace so I definitely recommend them for all of you fitness-fanatics that enjoy experiencing unpredictable routes through the hustle and bustle of the streets.

Idea behind design

“All over the world, runners are exploring cities and expressing their own creativity in the routes they choose and the challenges they take on. We wanted to build something purely designed for this type of runner, and loved the idea of creating a more adaptive running experience. This led us to design an 8mm heel-to-offset, that when paired with signature Boost technology allows the feet to sit lower, deeper, and much closer to the streets.” Stephan Schneider – product manager – Adidas Global Running

The shoe’s key features include:

  • One-piece engineered circular knit upper – Aramis-tested for a seamless and adaptive fit, wrapping the foot from the inside of the midfoot around to the outside. Providing comfort no matter the route or obstacle.
  • Heel fit counter system – designed to enhance the support of the foot and the Achilles, allowing the foot to move effortlessly with the shoe.
  • Wider forefoot – providing a more stable platform that tailors itself in the pivotal moments of transition when running over varied urban surfaces and around corners.
  • Stretchweb outsole – enabling a smoother and more flexible ride, working in harmony with Boost to unleash a runner’s full potential.
  • BOOST – ultra-responsive comfort and cushioning that stores and returns energy every time the foot hits the ground.