Bank your youth with Beau-Rivage Geneva


A breath of fresh mountain air, Switzerland has become a haven of wellness escapes and medical tourism, especially appealing to discerning travellers from the GCC thanks to its reputation for exceptional hospitality and personal care. Combining the atmosphere of a historic grand hotel with innovative Swiss healthcare, hotel Beau-Rivage in Geneva has partnered with SpectraMed to offer a tailor-made solution to restoring your youth.

Guests at Beau-Rivage now have the chance to “bank their youth” with SpectraMed’s personalised bio-molecular formula. This innovative service can be performed on the spot in the hotel. The personalised formula is then banked up to 20 years, during which time it will be preserved. More than a cosmetic, SpectraMed’s formula contains the client’s bio-molecules (among them DNA) taken from the guest’s biological material (saliva). Their specific extraction and formulation process creates a bespoke product that aids in preventing further skin aging, from the time the DNA has been extracted.

This product, invented, produced and package in Switzerland is a formula from the individual’s purified DNA, safely stored in a personalised box with the client’s name on it. To be used as a part of the customer’s daily beauty routine with any products of the customer’s choice, the serum-like formula helps maintain the skin at the age, at which the product was created; the SpectraMed approach is a non-invasive and more natural option to aggressive “damage to repair” treatments (such as chemical peels for example) and can either complement them (serving as a “skin insurance or replace them based on clients’ desire and needs).

Insurance for the skin, the bio-molecular solution essentially feeds your skin the nutrients it needs to stay young and retain its energy – and because it’s created from your DNA, side effects allergies and other bodily harms are concerns of the past. A unique solution to extending youth, SpectraMed is one of a kind, the only product based on each user’s personal DNA.

The bio-molecular formula takes 10 to 14 days to be produced – an ideal amount of time to relax at Beau-Rivage and take in the surrounding city’s sights – and can be purchased in yearly doses at CHF 6,000 per year; the formula can be re-ordered two months before the year is up, retrieved from the Swiss laboratory bio-bank, and sent via express transporter to the client anywhere in the world. Those who are serious about maintaining the youth of their skin can process a one-time payment of CHF 10,000 to store their bio molecules in a Swiss secured bio-bank to guarantee their bio-molecules supply for 20 years.

Guests of Beau-Rivage interested in this innovative service may email the CEO and Founder of SpectraMed, M.Sc.Eng. Anna Lipowska, at [email protected], or speak with the hotel concierge directly to coordinate the DNA collection procedure.