Sanad Village hosts first open day in The Sustainable City

Sanad Village The Sustainable City

Sanad Village announced a nationwide open day, welcoming guests and visitors for guided tours of the facility.

Sanad Village is the region’s largest centre dedicated to understanding autism and other related disorders. The 30,000 square metre facility includes a variety of amenities to build life skills within a safe space. There are simulated real life scenarios as well as creative spaces and areas dedicated to exercise and play.

The open day – set to take place on August 21 – will allow guests to explore the facility and meet the staff. Inside the village, visitors will see the classrooms, therapy rooms and residential areas as well as crucial areas for learning such as the library, indoor and outdoor exercise facilities, sensory-adapted movie theatre and the simulated living areas such as the mall, airport, kitchen and police station.

In the wider grounds of The Sustainable City, visitors will see that Sanad Village students have access to an animal sanctuary, urban farm, equestrian facilities, playgrounds and green areas.

Sanad Village offers a holistic, comprehensive and integrated approach towards Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) providing pathways into society for individuals and a support system that focuses on the whole family. Sanad is dedicated to building a strong and lasting foundation for a productive life by optimising the potential of each child.

For registered visitors to the Open Day, free consultations will be available with our team of professionals who are on hand to assess the needs of your child and the best course of action for helping them to transition towards independence.

The Open Day will also be a fun day out for all the family with activities such as water balloons, face painting, bouncy castle, cookie decoration and pony rides.