Runway Rope Climbing

Rope Climbing

By Deane Ketzner, XFIT Head Coach, Fitness First Knowledge Village

Rope climbing is a fantastic and fun way to get fit. The beauty of this exercise is that it requires you to move your entire bodyweight in one motion. It also forces you to work your grip harder than you typically would.

I’m going to show you two different varieties of the rope climb, one is more basic while the other is slightly more advanced.


Stand with the rope down the middle of your body. From there, take your stronger leg and wrap it around the rope. The rope will then end up on the top of your foot.

From there, hold the rope and take your other foot, which is still on the ground, and place it on top of the rope that’s above your opposite foot. While you’re doing this, hoist yourself upwards placing one hand above the other.


The second rope climb one is more advanced and you also need to have a little bit more strength to do it. The key difference is that we’re not going to use our legs in this one at all – it’s going to be all arms and shoulders.

Concentrate on pulling your elbows towards your hips. You also want to use your legs for momentum, almost as if you’re running up the rope.