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Home Events Elite tower runners join Burj Khalifa virtual charity climb

Elite tower runners join Burj Khalifa virtual charity climb

Burj Khalifa virtual charity

Soh Wai Ching and Gretta Beckett, two of world’s top elite tower runners, will lead the charge as runners from around the world take part in this weekend’s Gulf for Good’s virtual charity climb to the Top of Burj Khalifa.

Scheduled for Friday (May 15), the virtual charity climb up 2,909 stairs of the world’s tallest tower is being supported by Dubai Sports Council (DSC) with proceeds from the event going towards helping more than 2,000 underprivileged children that Gulf for Good supports in the poorest communities in Nepal, Uganda, Peru, Tanzania and Lebanon.

The fund-raising from this Challenge will provide the children with day-to-day essentials including food, clean water, shelter and clothing to support them during the current COVID-19 pandemic. “Ramadan is a time of deep reflection and charitable acts,” Irishwoman Beckett said.

“Gulf for Good are providing an opportunity to bring people together virtually to have fun, challenge themselves while helping children in need from the safety of their own home. Even though we are apart, Gulf for Good are bringing us together for this fantastic challenge. I am extremely honoured and excited to be a part of it,” the Dubai resident added.

Malaysian Wai Ching, Asia’s top tower runner and No. 2 in the world, also pledged his participation for this Friday’s race. “I want to support Gulf for Good and their virtual stair climb and to give back to the community, inspire more youngsters to pursue their dream, work hard and achieve it, and not to be limited by environmental factors like the Covid-19 pandemic,” he said.

Further information and participation may be obtained from www.gulf4good.org/burjkhalifa.