Dubai Sports Council bring in top fitness coaches to train PocariSweat 10K Run participants

Dubai Sports Council PocariSweat

Dubai Sports Council and Pocari Sweat have roped in two top fitness coaches – Ole Brom and Danil Bornventure – for free live coaching sessions to prepare participants for the PocariSweat 10K Run.

Organised jointly by Dubai Sports Council and Pocari Sweat, which is an Ion supply drink from Japan that replenishes and balances body fluids lost through sweating and hydrates longer than water, the PocariSweat 10K Run takes place on July 3, from 12:01am to 11:59pm Dubai time, and the event is open to participants of any age and ability from around the world.

Participants are free to choose between a 5km and 10km run and allowed to create their own unique fun course, making use of the indoor and outdoor space in and around their home and community. They can even run on a smart or traditional treadmill.

And to get the participants in their best shape for race day, Brom and Bornventure have been conducting live training sessions on Dubai Sports Council’s Instagram channel. Each session is 20 minutes and the duo will be online on June 10, June 14 and June 17 again for the remainder of their six-part live masterclass.

“To train properly it is vital to fuel the body with the right nutrients and to hydrate effectively,” said Brom. “Best results can only be achieved through appropriate nutrition as part of a daily regime and hydration is absolutely key to health, wellness and achieving the body’s maximum results.”

“Training to improve and maintain fitness is essential before any run or race,” added Bornventure. “Strength and conditioning exercises for the whole body not only produce optimum personal performance but also reduces the risk of injury.”

Registration for the Run is open until 11:59pm of July 1, through Dubai Sports Council’s official (

There will be prizes on offer for the top three finishers in each of the five categories – 5km for Male and Female, 10km for Male and Female, and 5km for People of Determination for 5km – and to make a claim for those prizes, participants will have to make sure they first download the Dubai Sports Council official app, which is available on both Android and Apple platforms (, and sign in with the credentials they have used to register on the Dubai Sports Council website.

Once they log into the application on race day, users will be seeing a “Start Pocari Sweat Challenge” button. Click on it, and they will be taken to the “Smart Health – Running” screen, which will time their run and show such details as the distance, speed, and calories burnt.

The application detects the user’s body movement through different sensors on the smartphone to calculate the speed and distance, so participants, once they click on start, will need to make sure they have the device on their person – in their pockets or in an armband.

The Run will need to be completed in one stretch and the application will notify users once they have reached their target. They will then see an activity summary screen, which will show the total time taken and calories burnt.

The participant will need to click the “Save” button to save the activity and then they can compare their time with other participants on the leaderboard.

The participants should then upload a photo or screenshot of their result to their Instagram page, and tag #PocariSweat10KRun, making sure their account setting is public so that the organisers can see their participation entry.

If the participants do not have an Instagram page, they can also email a screenshot of their result and the organisers will upload it for them. The cut off time for uploading results and tagging #PocariSweat10KRun is midnight on run day.