Make the world your gym like ripped actor Zac Efron does


When looking at certain people’s physique you often wonder how they achieve it? Obviously going to the gym and eating well are two requirements but it seems that Holywood actor, Zac Efron, combines a wide range of sporting activities with his lifestyle to keep himself looking fit and being active. Here are some pictures of all the different kind of ways he keeps in shape away from the gym.

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He goes out cycling around picturesque locations.

Efron enjoys dune bugging.

The High School Musical star rides some waves with friends.

He also enjoys skateboarding.

Waterfall rappelling is fun to do and is always a challenge.

A spot of horse riding is another sport he’s a fan of.

Rock climbing works different muscles and your agility.

Sand boarding the dunes is a great option of a sport for all our Middle East-based fans.

When in the gym, he works out with famous stars such as Hugh Jackman – i.e Wolverine!

Try and mix your sports and outdoor activities up once COVID-19 has stopped and see your physique improve in different ways than just limiting yourself to the gym.