How lower back pain represents a lifestyle issue

Back pain

By Indira Viswanathan, Personal Trainer, Fitness First Uptown Mirdif Mixed 

Lower back pain can come as a result of simple things we are doing incorrectly in everyday life such as:

  • Sitting down for an excessive amount of time on the couch or chair
  • Incorrect working posture
  • Not driving your car in an upright position

These habits reduce your spinal mobility which end up generating an atrophy in your spine skeleton muscles, and the ones supporting them, such has your core muscles, glutes, hamstrings, etc. Weak muscles, stiff fascia and lack of spinal mobility are the holy trinity of general lower back pain. Fortunately, there are some simple and convenient ways to fix this setback that don’t involve invasive surgeries or pain killers… just good old stretching!

In addition to regular release work, working on your core, improving your lumbo-pelvic stability and strengthening the glutes and legs for spinal support will all help to reduce your lower back pain.