Functional strength for everyday power

By Tamas Ihasz, Personal Trainer in Bahrain Trade Center and Barbara Schneider, Personal Trainer in Bahrain Trade Center

Strength training is not only for building muscle mass. Strength is the foundation for everyday acts of athleticism and is essential for maintaining your ability to live and move independently as you age. It also promotes weight loss.

This form of exercise prevents osteoporosis, improves your range of motion and ability to perform functional movements. It improves posture, provides better support for joints and reduces the risk of injury from everyday activities. We shouldn’t think of these exercises as movements which only occur at the gym. During your day you use basic functional movements like: pushing, pulling, carrying, lifting, rotating and squatting so you have to be ready to perform them confidently and with the correct technique. Here are some functional strength exercises which will help you in your daily life.

Benefits of Trap Bar Deadlifts

  • Develops glutes, hamstrings, and back strength
  • Enhances posterior activation and patterning that directly correlates with
    deadlifting, squatting, jumping and most pulling movements


Benefits of Medicine Ball Slams

  • Great dynamic movement for metabolic conditioning
  • Beneficial for learning to use the core to develop and absorb external forces
  • Useful for developing proper mechanics needed to produce force through
    the floor while extending upwards
  • Releases stress and anger


Benefits of The Z Press

  • Increases upper body strength due to limiting leg involvement
  • Scapular and trap development through increased stability
  • Enhances core and oblique strength, along with benefiting torso stability

Benefits of Hang Snatches

  • Helps teach full snatch sequencing by shortening range of motion
  • Increases ability to properly pattern pull timing during certain times in the snatch
  • Supports and teaches powerful hip extension by decreasing range of error

Benefits of Clean and Jerk

  • Increases core strength and overhead stability
  • Synergistically works most of the skeletal muscle
  • Enhances explosive power and neural drive
  • Improves anaerobic endurance along with cardiovascular

Benefits of Monkey Bars

  • Help maintain a postural strength that will in turn reduce fatigue at work when sat at your desk all day
  • Is a fun way to build upper body strength and endurance involving latissimus dorsi, biceps, deltoids, abdominal muscles and obliques


Benefits of Pallof Press

  • Promotes core stabilisation
  • Is great for injury resilience and proper joint alignment and movement