Five Instagram accounts to following during COVID-19 to keep fit and healthy at home

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In a tough period where getting to your local gym and participating in different hobbies has become difficult, the aim of the game is to think outside of the box and stay active during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether it be squatting your partner, doing arm curls with your living room chairs, or doing star jumps on your balcony – you need to stay active and healthy in any way possible. We have picked out five informative and motivational Instagram accounts that can help you come up with ideas to keep in shape during this challenging period.

Have a look at these:

Account 1: @Nicky_fitness

Nicky Holland, the award winning personal trainer in the Middle East has put together some work-outs on his Instagram feed that you can do at home. All you need is a little bit of space, and maybe some air conditioning – if you’re going to put the effort in, it may get a little sticky!

Here’s an example of one of Nicky’s videos:


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Day 4💥 Home workout * * 1️⃣ Jumping Jacks x20 2️⃣ Compass Lunges x3 3️⃣ Tricep Push ups x10 4️⃣ Oblique crunch x10 5️⃣ Inverted Press x10 6️⃣ Plank foot / hand taps x20 Repeat x5 times or as many times as you can. Time yourself & try to complete as quick as you can 💥 * * * Save the video, tag us when you do it & send it to anyone who will benefit from it ❤️ Enjoy, N&H @little_h92 * * @myproteinae @dubai @mydubai @dubaifitfam @repsuae @uae_fitnessdubai @dubai92 @dubaieye1038fm @khaleejtimes @toughmudder_uae @spartanarabia @empiricmiddleeast @aminoapp.dxb #nickyfitness #partnerworkout #gymclosure #homeworkout #dubaipt #personaltraining #gymbuddy #partnerworkouts #bodyweighttraining #noequipment #fitness #dubaifitness #exercise #motivation #inspiration #dubaifitcouple #trainathome #quarantine #fitcouple #workout #nogym #keepfit #n&h

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Account 2: @F45_training_dubaimarina

F45 Dubai Marina will bring you daily ‘home work-out’ content from different PT’s with various ideas to maintain your peaking physical ability during this period.

Have a look at this:

Account 3:

Are you wanting ripped abs? Crank Dubai have you covered on this front – the best boutique studio of 2019 have some awesome workouts for you to attempt.

Have a look at their Instagram for some cool ideas:

Account 4:@whgym

Warehouse Gym are not letting you down, with in-house PT’s giving you content and ideas for full body workouts. Give them a follow:


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PT training in your living room 💪🏽 #StayStrong @joel.neale

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Account 5: @barrysuae

Barry’s UAE are changing the game. Everyday at 9am you can experience a FREE live full body fitness class for 30 minutes to start your day correctly from home!

Here’s an announcement of one of their upcoming live sessions below:

­­­­Make sure you give these Instagram accounts a follow to make sure you’re keeping in shape during the pandemic. When it’s all over, we need to be beach ready!