Nike and adidas join forces for the first time

nike and Adidas

For the first time in history, sportswear’s biggest rivals, Nike and adidas have come together to honour George Floyd and take a stance against the systematic racism in the United States of America.

George Floyd is an African American who was killed by police in Minneapolis last week which has caused uproar around the world.

Nike shared a powerful new campaign inverting its famous slogan ‘Just Do It’ to a simple black banner with the words ‘For Once, Don’t Do It.’ in white.

Nike produced this video above along with the caption ‘Let’s all be part of the change’ and the hashtag #UntilWeAllWin which, in a surprisingly rare move, adidas retweeted with the words: “Together is how we move forward.Together is how we change.”

This is the first time the competitors have come together like in solidarity and could be their most powerful message yet.