Masks don’t need to be worn for ‘rigorous exercise’ in Dubai

masks dubai exercise

Dubai has revealed an updated set of guidelines regarding the wearing of masks in public, outlining when they can be removed temporarily and those who are exempt from wearing them.

The Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management have released this update below on when people can remove face masks temporarily, which includes exercising and dining in restaurants:

Temporary removal

  • When engaging in strenuous indoor and outdoor exercise or high intensity workouts, as it may exacerbate known or unknown health conditions. Physical distancing must be observed at all times.
  • When alone, with no people around.
  • During specific treatments specific treatments that require removal of masks, such as dental work and eye, nose, and throat examinations, as well as other related treatments or examinations including those involving hair and beauty.
  • In the office, only when alone and not surrounded by others.
  • Driving alone or with members of the same family.
  • While eating or drinking in indoor and outdoor settings, for example in restaurants. The public must however maintain physical distance with others.
  • When the risks associated with wearing the face mask outweigh the benefits, for example while swimming or skydiving.

Those exempted from wearing masks:

  • People with cognitive, intellectual and sensory disorders with an official medical report.
  • Individuals who require supplemental oxygen or have severe respiratory conditions, with an official medical report.
  • Children under the age of 6.