Adam Fulat | How the Dubai-based powerlifter became an Instagram sensation

Adam Fulat was brought up in Dubai and has moulded a career for himself through documenting his weightlifting and fitness journey through Instagram. He has built up a staggering following of over 117,000 with his workouts and lifestyle advice and was rewarded for his astounding social media efforts when he was named the ‘2019 Sport360 Influencer of the Year.’ In this feature, Scott Grayston finds out more about the Strength and Fitness Coach, how he became an Instagram sensation and the coolest events he’s been lucky enough to attend thanks to his influence.

SFME: When did you start taking the weightlifting or Instagram seriously?

Adam Fulat: In regards to weightlifting it was two years ago when I prepared for my first British national powerlifting competition in 2019. I started to take Instagram seriously in 2018 when I knew I could create a business out of it as well as share my lifestyle.

SFME: You’ve grown over 100,000 followers, did you ever expect it to grow like this?

AF: I didn’t expect it, but I appreciate it. I work extremely hard. I’m motivated to make that number grow. I thank everyone who follows me and would continue to hope for their support.

SFME: Why do you think your content is so popular?

AF: I incorporate the details in my content. I’m consistent with it and I try to add value without charging. My aim is not to inspire anyone as it’s my passion I’m working on. I’m just trying to share my story. Flattered people are interested.

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SFME: You won the ‘2019 Sport360 Influencer of the Year’ award – how great was this?
AF: It was the highlight of my year. I felt proud being acknowledged for my efforts. I’m grateful for the immense amount of votes.

SFME: Do you create content for other brands or just yourself?

AF: Both, I do collaborate with brands, its important to share your skills/techniques and be open to what brands have to offer. Bringing together more reach as well as the potential to create & be creative.

SFME: How often do people reach out for you to promote for them?

AF: Often definitely! Let’s just say I’m thankful with the brands/campaigns I’ve received and pray it continues as it has. I’m blessed!

SFME: What’s your next target in your weightlifting/Instagram career?

AF: In regards to weightlifting, to compete at the next British national powerlifting championship with a podium finish in mind. As per Instagram, for it to continue to grow, to share my dedication, and await more collaborations.

SFME: What’s been the coolest event you’ve been able to attend?

AF: The events that I’ve won at mostly, such as ‘Cosmopolitans Bachelor of the Year’, ‘Sport360 Influencer of the year’ and an event I truly just enjoyed being a part of was, when I visited Ohio for the ‘Arnold Sports Festival’ event with Team ON. It was motivating and inspiring to see so many great icons!

You can check out and follow Adam Fulat’s Instagram account here