Father and son set to compete in self made triathlon in Umm Suqeim Park

Team AngelWolf

Three weeks ago, a promise was made to Rio that Team AngelWolf were going to compete in the IRONMAN 70.3 Dubai. Unfortunately, just an hour before the start of the race, they weren’t able to participate. The family were heartbroken.

Since then Team AngelWolf and IRONMAN have had the chance to discuss any future opportunities of Rio and Nick being able to race in any future IRONMAN races. The family has decided to create their own middle-distance triathlon.

Keeping Rio’s promise, on Saturday 3rd April, the father and son are set to compete in a self-made middle-distance triathlon named ‘Rio’s Race’. Setting off from with a swim opposite Umm Suqeim Park at 06.30 AM, the duo will complete a 1.9km swim, a 90km bike ride and 21km run.

Due to Rio’s disabilities, to complete the middle-distance triathlon, Nick will swim 1.9km whilst pulling Rio in a kayak, cycle 90km in a specialised bike able to sit them both and run 21km whilst pushing Rio in a specialised chair.

Rio has already completed seventeen middle distance triathlons since turning eleven years old including 5 IRONMAN races, dad Nick is a huge supporter and advocate of the organization.

Nick said: “We have always had a good relationship with IRONMAN and are really looking forward to competing in more races in the future. We had promised Rio to compete and we still will but in a slightly different way. ‘Rio’s Race’ is not an official or organized event per se but we are completing the equivalent of the event three weeks ago. Our goal has always been inclusion and with Rio’s Race we want to show that sport has no barriers; it is one platform where people of all backgrounds and abilities can be involved.

“Rio loves being cheered on by people supporting and motivating him, and he also loves company whilst doing his sport. I hope we encourage many people to support us this Saturday. Together, we can create a more inclusive, kinder and healthier global community.”

COVID hasn’t slowed Team AngelWolf down as the team have competed in several wonderful local, inclusive races since lockdown last year. Rio’s sister, Tia is getting stronger and enjoying running whilst pushing Rio. She has been training on a technical course and is keen on beating her record times.

Support Team AngelWolf this Saturday (3 April) at opposite Umm Suqeim Park at 06.30 AM, followed by 90KM cycling at Al Qudra (08.30 AM) and they will finish the day at opposite Umm Suqeim Park at 13.30 to run 21KM. People can set their own goal and either join them at the same time live or compete at their convenience over the weekend. Remember and respect all safety precautions – keep social distance and wear a facemask when not doing vigorous exercise. More information on the challenge can be found on their social channels.

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