Fat Loss Barbell Circuit


By Trevor Flowers, Senior Fitness Manager, Fitness First Motor City

Need to spice up your boring cardio routine? Try this simple barbell circuit to kick-start your fat burning furnace! This workout is very simple to follow; anybody can do this from beginner to advanced level. The only variables to change are the weight you put on the bar, and the time frame you set for the workout. Beginners can start with light weight (even an empty bar if you are new to lifting barbells), and a 20-minute time frame for the workout. The more advanced you are, the heavier you can lift, and the longer you set your workout time frame.

Each round consists of a total of 40 reps, broken down into five exercises. The idea is you need to complete as many rounds as possible within your set time frame. This is commonly known as AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible). Each time you attempt this workout you need to try and beat your previous number of completed rounds.

Use the recommended guide to get an idea where to start:

Below you can see the exercises that you must complete in this order. Starting with the overhead press first, as this will be the most challenging exercise (doing the overhead press at the end of this circuit will not be possible).

1 – Overhead Press (6 reps)

2 – Front Squat (7 reps)

3 – Bent Over Row (8 reps)

4 – Deadlift (9 reps)

5 – Back Squat (10 reps)

After you have completed the 10 back squats, take as much time to rest between rounds as you need.