Core Strength: Spine movements and stabilisation

By Bernardo Almeida, Personal Trainer, Fitness First Oasis Center, Dubai

We refer to the centre of our body as the “CORE”. This includes the muscles around our spine which must be kept healthy as they are vitally important in helping support the function of the spine during our daily lives.

It´s important to have access to the range of motion in the spine to allow us to be capable of producing contraction during the movements.

At the same time it´s important to keep the spine strong whilst in the neutral position which will activate the deep muscles as this will help us with stabilisation.


1. Spine Extension (Cable), 3×15 reps
Muscle focus: Back and Abs

2. Spine Flexion (Swiss Ball and Step), 3×15 reps
Muscle focus: Abs, obliques and back

3. Spine Lateral Flexion (Bench), 3×15 reps
Muscle focus: Abs, obliques and back

4. Spine Rotation (cable), 3×15 reps
Muscle focus: obliques and back


5. Plank (mattress), 3×30-60 seconds
Muscle focus: Abs, back and obliques
Progression: Plank onto a Swiss Ball

6. Side Plank (mattress), 3×15-30 seconds
Muscle focus: Glutes, obliques, Abs and back
Progression: Side Plank onto a Swiss Ball

7. Bird Dog (mattress), 3×15 reps
Muscle focus: Abs, back, glutes, deltoids and traps.
Progression: Don’t put your knee on the floor