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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Don’t struggle with new year’s resolutions, just go with the Flow

With 80% of New Year’s resolutions doomed to failure, Flow, Dubai’s homegrown healthy eating hub at the Jumeirah Emirates Towers, is ensuring its patrons avoid failing...

Activade: Revive, restore, recover

Cross functional sports drink, Activade, has now launched in the Middle East after becoming a major hit in Pakistan where it was the first...

Get lean the Wellness way

Even the best health, weight, and performance information is worth absolutely nothing if it’s not put into action. Remember, YOU ARE WHAT YOU DO!’ ...

Indian Ocean inspiration bottled by Constance with new line of natural spa products

Constance Hotels and Resorts continues to integrate wellness as part of the guest experience, and has taken inspiration after adding a wide range of...

Six top supplements for muscle hypertrophy

By Nelson Viegas, Personal Trainer – Fitness First Motor City I'm specialised in high performance training, nutrition and supplementation so I thought it would be...