Body weight training – It only takes you!

By Joana Mendes, Group Exercise Instructor – Uptown Mirdiff Ladies Only


To accomplish the simplest of movements and complete our daily tasks we need one thing – a healthy body!

Sedentary habits can cause weight gain and a lack of mobility, which in time can cause our bodies to lose muscle and weakens the bones and joints. The longer you have led a sedentary lifestyle, the more damage has been done – but that’s not to say that you cannot reverse the effects and get stronger and leaner than ever before. With High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) you can achieve incredible results, change your physique and strengthen every muscle in your body – without even using any equipment! Bodyweight training is not only a trend, it is the core of any training program. But if you don’t know how to move and control your body, how do you expect to build your fitness abilities?

By incorporating body weight training into your routine, you can expect to build muscle mass and learn how to effectively move and control your body across the three core planes of motion; sagittal, frontal and transverse.

There are many advantages for this type of training, because it:
• is functional
• builds strength
• increases stamina and fitness
• improves agility
• builds lean mass
• is metabolically challenging
• promotes neuromuscular integration
• promotes spatial awareness
• reduces the risk of osteoporosis

The list is endless, but the main thing to remember is that your body will thank you for bodyweight training and you’ll see and feel the difference. According to ACSM Health & Fitness Journal (November/December 2017), based in the worldwide survey of fitness trends for 2018, Body weight training occupies the fourth position on the chart, in other
words ‘Bodyweight training is a proven way to get and stay fit’.

  Squat variations

Lunge variations 



Tricep dips

Plank variations

Start with these simple bodyweight moves to get you going, but remember that the possibilities of bodyweight training routines are endless, and you can effectively work every part of your body with ‘no equipment’ meaning you can workout and stay on top of your fitness from anywhere in the world! Speak to one of our expert Personal Trainers at Fitness First to discuss how they can help you come up with a routine to help you get fi t wherever you may be.