Best way to stay fit and healthy in Dubai during coronavirus

The current global situation is affecting everyone. Big business, small business, travel plans, workout routines, social events, sporting events…the list goes on. As a Personal Trainer in the fitness industry, it difficult for me to carry on with my business as all gyms are closed. I know many people are affected by this virus but we have to stay strong and be smart. I’ve put together some tips for you, which can help you get through this current pandemic.

Healthy body, healthy mind

You may not have thought this before, but fitness is a mental and physical release. Going out for a run or going to the gym is something that makes us feel better, gives us an endorphin kick and helps release stress. But now that we need to self isolate, we need to come up with other ways which will give us the same outcome. But don’t worry, I’ve done that for you.
Every day on my Instagram @nicky__fitness, I have been filming home workouts. You don’t need any equipment, all you need is some floor space. These exercises help to get your heart rate up, get you moving, burn calories, get your muscles firing and keep your mind active.


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Day 4💥 Home workout * * 1️⃣ Jumping Jacks x20 2️⃣ Compass Lunges x3 3️⃣ Tricep Push ups x10 4️⃣ Oblique crunch x10 5️⃣ Inverted Press x10 6️⃣ Plank foot / hand taps x20 Repeat x5 times or as many times as you can. Time yourself & try to complete as quick as you can 💥 * * * Save the video, tag us when you do it & send it to anyone who will benefit from it ❤️ Enjoy, N&H @little_h92 * * @myproteinae @dubai @mydubai @dubaifitfam @repsuae @uae_fitnessdubai @dubai92 @dubaieye1038fm @khaleejtimes @toughmudder_uae @spartanarabia @empiricmiddleeast @aminoapp.dxb #nickyfitness #partnerworkout #gymclosure #homeworkout #dubaipt #personaltraining #gymbuddy #partnerworkouts #bodyweighttraining #noequipment #fitness #dubaifitness #exercise #motivation #inspiration #dubaifitcouple #trainathome #quarantine #fitcouple #workout #nogym #keepfit #n&h

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This leads me on to my next tip, which is to keep your mind active. This could be using the time at home to plan your diary for the coming months, read a book, listen to a podcast. Many companies have released a zero subscription fee on books and podcasts, so you can download for free – a great way to educate yourself and work on other areas of your wellbeing. Siting at home has a big impact on our mental strength. We are humans, we like routine and don’t like to be contained at home but at the moment, that is what we need to do.

Flexibility is essential to everyday life

Another tip is to work on flexibility. Having good range of movement has a positive impact on our day to day life. The more flexible we are, the better our posture. We are also less likely to get injured, have muscle tightness or joint pain. I’m not the most flexible myself, but have been using this time to get better. Daily stretching, yoga poses and movement flows help to release muscle tension which can be caused from exercise but also from sitting or lying down a lot. So if you are watching a lot of tv or sitting down a lot more than normal, stretch. Trust me, you will feel better after it.
Remember, healthy body healthy mind.