20-minute Full Body workout from home

With many of you losing access to the gym during the coronavirus outbreak, YoutTuber, Szat Strength, provides a 20 minute full body workout which doesn’t require any equipment. There will be push-ups, bodyweight squats, ab exercises, and some overall bodyweight conditioning to help you keep in shape in the comfort of your home.

Please Note: The workout we’ve provided below is a bit easier and less time consuming than the video one above but you can adjust it to fix how demanding you want the session to be.

There are two parts to this workout:

AMRAP Workout (As many reps as possible)

6 minutes:

  • 3 inch worms,
  • 5 push ups,
  • 10 squats
  • 15 jumping jacks 

Rest for 2 minutes

AMRAP Workout (As many reps as possible)

10 minutes:

  • 5 Burpees
  • 5 Mountain climber with 2 pushups
  • 10 V-ups (if you can’t do this situps at fine)
  • 10 Squat jacks

Finish with a cooldown and stretch. Hope you enjoy!