Tone and shape your muscles with BODYPUMP

By Fayrouz Mohd Ebrahim, Personal Trainer, Fitness First Dalma Mall

The rep effect allows us to get all the key benefits of resistance training without lifting heavy weights. It uses the effects of high repetitions (around 800 per class) with much less weight to fatigue the muscles and burns around 300-500 calories per hour.

In BODYPUMP we use different tempos to fatigue the different muscles fibers in different way. You will not bulk by doing BODYPUMP, instead you will achieve lean muscles mass and improve your endurance. In addition, BODYPUMP will improve your posture, core-strength and core stability so overall it’s a great all round workout.

Key moves to look out for in BODYPUMP

Clean and press

Position set-up: Set position with knees bent; Hands thumb-distance from thighs; chest up
Execution set-up: Upright Row phase: bar close to the body, lift to lower chest; drop under the bar,bending the knees; press to the top using the legs to drive the bar up, elbows slightly forward; bend the legs again and return to set position bringing the elbows up and over

Chest press

Position set-up: Hands wider than shoulders; bar in the heel of the hands; shoulders away from ears; abs in and braced – lower back towards bench; chin tucked in
Execution set-up: Bar down to the center of the chest; elbows no lower than the top of the bench with elbows slightly bent at the top


Position set-up: Set position; slight bend in the knees (20 degrees); chest up, abs braced; elbows to rear – light pinch between the shoulder blades; chin tucked in
Execution set-up: Tip from the hips, keeping chest lifted; bar to the knees; bar into the belly button, elbows in; squeeze between the shoulder blades

Wide row

Position set-up: Set position; slight bend in the knees (20 degrees); hands thumb-distance from thighs, chest up
Execution set-up: Tip from the hips, keeping chest lifted; slide bar down thighs, no lower than bottom of the kneecap; bar rows to lower ribs, elbows high and wide


Position set-up: Bar on meaty part of upper back, feet slightly wider than hips with toes
turned out, chest up; belly in and abs braced
Execution set-up: Sit the butt back and down; knees track forward in line with toes; butt stops just above knee level – knees at 90 degrees

Push up

Position set-up: Hands just outside shoulderwidth; back straight – abs braced to support the midsection; chin tucked in
Execution set-up: Drop down to bring shoulders and chest to elbow level

Standing side raise

Position set-up: Set position; elbows at 90 degrees; plates face each other; chin in
Execution set-up: Lead the movement with the elbows, lifting to just below shoulder level

Upright row

Position set-up: Set position; Slight bend in the knees (20 degrees); Hands thumb-distance from thighs; Chest up, abs braced
Execution set-up: Lead with the elbows, lifting the bar up to lower chest – wrists strong; elbows above the bar; keep bar close to body

Tricep extension

Position set-up: Set position; hands shoulder-width and elbows in line with shoulders; lower back towards the bench with feet on the floor
Execution set-up: Upper arm fixed; elbows stay in/narrow; bar moves towards forehead, elbows point down the bench


Position set-up: 90/90 stride length, feet stay hip-width apart; knees in line with toes; hips and shoulders square
Execution set-up: Bend both knees – back knee moves towards the floor (heel up), front thigh parallel to the floor; front knee above ankle and knees in line with toes

About me:

I have made my passion my career for the past 10 years. after graduating from physical
education college, I knew I wanted to help people to achieve their health and fitness goals. I worked in the UAE military for nine years as a fitness trainer and in 2015 I started to attend BODYPUMP classes. I noticed that my body gained more strength and power so I decided to become a BODYPUMP instructor to let participant’s feel the same passion I had for the class. Now I work at Fitness First as a Personal Trainer in Abu Dhabi. I’m teaching BODYPUMP, BODYCOMBAT & RPM regularly and I love every second!

Fitness First have BODYPUMP classes all over the UAE so why not sign up for one today and find out how to get a full body workout, tone and shape your muscles and meet new people! Visit UAE.FITNESSFIRSTME.COM today!