Push & Pull workout for fitness gains


By Mike Bourne Program Coach XFIT Media City

Pull, push, pull, push… simple right? Well the set up and minimal equipment is, but this is by no means a simple workout! It’s designed to increase the heart rate and push your muscular endurance to an uncomfortable limit! That being said, don’t shy away from some hard work, that’s why we are here in the first place!

Firstly, set up the rower using intervals by distance on the workout selection
option (250m). Set your rest time on the rower to two minutes between intervals.

Complete 250m row and in your two-minute rest period complete:
• 10 x push ups
• 10 x DB bent over rows
• 10 x DB push press
DBs vary on strength/fitness levels (guide 16/20+kg M -8/10+kg W)

Whatever time is left of the two minutes is your actual rest time before you start again!
So the quicker you finish each time the more rest you get. Complete 10 rounds. This can be less if you’re pushed for time or more if you want to push yourself! Metabolic conditioning is a high intensity workout and is also known as MetCon. This type of training involves a very high work rate using exercises designed to burn more calories during the
workout and maximise on the amount of calories burned
after you’ve completed the work load; therefore increasing your exercise post oxygen consumption (EPOC).