Jump by Fitness First: 10 benefits of the mini trampoline

By Joana Mendes, Group Exercise Instructor, Fitness First, Uptown Mirdiff Ladies Only

‘Jump’ is a brand new workout that promises fun for all our members! The workout is currently available at Ibn Battuta and Oasis Center but will soon be expanding to other clubs across the Middle East so there’s no excuse not to give it a go!

Who is the class for?
Everyone any age or gender are welcome

Not suitable:
If you are pregnant
If you have a detached retina
If you have Atlantoaxial Instability


1. Increased Lung Capacity

Extended use of the mini trampoline will increase your lung capacity as well as your red blood cell count. Blood pressure will also be lowered after a specific amount of time.

2. Fight Bacteria

By working out we are improving the function of the lymphatic system which helps fight bacterial and viral infections and transports waste products out of our body. Ladies will also love the fact that it helps to reduce the inflammation that causes cellulite.

3.  Weight Loss

Rebounding exercise has been proven to burn calories and fat and tone muscle across the body.

As Jump First is a total body exercise, every part of our body receives a workout which helps promote the burning of calories and fat deposits.

4. Exercise at a High Intensity with Low Impact

The trampoline will absorb most of the impact produced which allows us to perform high intensity exercises that would be impossible to do on the floor.

5.  Improve Balance

Rebounding will improve overall balance as well as neuromuscular coordination which can help minimise the risk of injury.

6.   Injury Reduction

Studies have shown that 27% to 70% of joggers get hurt in their first year of running due to the impact high level of impact. By training on the mini trampoline we can reduce this risk of these injuries by 80%.

7.  Natural Face Lift

Regular use of the mini trampoline will firm your skin and increase its elasticity.

8.  Build Bone Mass

A NASA study showed that rebounding exercise was the most efficient in rebuilding the lost bone tissue of astronauts whose continued weightless state caused them to lose up to 15% of bone mass whilst in space. By doing this exercise you can help prevent osteoporosis and reverse the damage that has already been caused.

9.  Strengthen Pelvic Floor

The exercise can strengthen the pelvic floor which can help reduce the risk of incontinence. However it is important to activate the pelvic floor muscles whilst jumping.

10.  It is Fun!

What could be more fun than jumping up and down on a mini trampoline!