Join the Resistance

By Dean Elliott, Personal Trainer at Fitness First DIFC

Resistance bands are a great piece of kit which you can add into almost any workout routine. In this article, you will develop a great understanding of how to implement this piece of equipment into your next core workout to really set those abs on fire.

One of the best aspects of resistance bands are the constant tension points your body works through during an entire set. Ultimately the muscles stimulate harder under tension thus strengthening them.

Below are four very effective exercises for you to try:

  1. Banded wood chops

Start this exercise by wrapping the band around a strong piece of kit (such as a cable station). Once complete, take one big step out to the side and keep the arms straight to maximise tension. Now rotate through your waist but keep the arms straight whilst doing this so you feel your obliques working hard.

bandedwoodchops1 bandedwoodchops2 bandedwoodchops3

Reps: Complete 3 sets of 15-20 reps each side.


2. Band press and hold

This exercise requires a great amount of stability through your entire core, especially your obliques. Set up in the same position you would for the wood chop but this time you’re going to push your arms straight in front and hold it there for 5 seconds. After 5 seconds bring the band back into your chest then repeat 5 more times.

band press and hold1 band press and hold2

Reps: This will be a 30 second set each side, complete 3 sets.


3. Single arm plank with banded row

Start by placing your body into a push-up position with your left or right arm extended. Keep your feet close together and brace the core. Now pull the band all the way through and under your chest.

Single arm plank with banded row2 Single arm plank with banded row1

Reps: Complete 15 pulls then change arm. Your core will be on fire!


4. Single arm banded pull with knee drive and twist

This is the progressive movement to exercise 3. You will complete everything done on exercise 3 but this time you’re going to rotate your hips and drive your knee to the opposite side. Start by pulling the right arm under your chest and drive your left knee across your body, the two should meet in the middle for a big squeeze before reversing the motion back to its start position.

Single arm banded pull with knee drive and twist1 Single arm banded pull with knee drive and twist2

Reps: Try 3 sets of 12-15 on this one.