Indoor vs outdoor training

By Hassiania Sadek – Group Exercise Instructor, Wahat Hili Mall

In this piece I am going to write about the benefits of training indoors versus outdoors. By training both indoors and outdoors you give your body the best of both worlds and you’ll cover all kinds of fitness ground.


Indoor workouts provide reliability, variety, control and accessibility.

Reliability – By choosing to train with a Fitness First Personal Trainer you also ensure that you are getting an exercise program tailored to you. You can begin a routine and know that you will reach a realistic goal’s in a certain amount of time.

Variety – You have many machines and pieces of fitness equipment to choose from at a gym. Some equipment can’t be used outside so by training indoors you have access to a new range of exercises. At Fitness First you also have access to hundreds of Group Exercise classes as part of your ongoing membership.

Accessibility – We have 62 clubs in 51 locations across the Middle East which means that you have access wherever you go. You can even use a Fitness First International Passport to access clubs if you are travelling.

Finally, by exercising at a gym you will often meet a number of likeminded individuals who can quickly become fast friends. Having friends to train with can boost your self-esteem and help you achieve results faster as you have someone to motivate you.


Choosing to work out outdoors is both physically and mentally stimulating, due to the changing scenery, terrain and weather conditions; all of which can impact the results of your workout.

Fluctuating scenery – Exposure to the elements and outdoor scenery can have a positive effect on your mental, emotional and physical state, this in turn can boost your mood preparing you for the day ahead. Join TRICLUB and experience training in the great outdoors with experts.

Weather – The weather can play a big part in this as well, for example, if you’re training for an outdoor event, perhaps a marathon you can recreate the conditions of race day by training outside in the open and therefore prepare better for the race ahead.

Both indoor and outdoor environments have their benefits, and the wise fitness enthusiast would do well to seek out the advantages offered by both. If you do cycling outdoors, come inside for some yoga – if you lift weights indoors, get outside for climbing or swimming.
Wherever you are exercising is vital to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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