Get Charged Up with Fitness First’s new high intense class

By Simon Niazi, Programme Coach Mudon Community Club, Fitness First


Charge is a brand new 45-minute signature class brought to you by Fitness First. It is a high intense, energising workout compromising of state of the art self-powered cardio equipment and body weight exercises.




The aim of the class is to keep the heart rate high which has many benefits such as:

  • Using fat as the main energy source.
  • Burn masses of calories during the workout.
  • Continue to burn the calories even after the workout is finished, also known as the ‘after burn’ effect.


  • On the Skillmill keep your head high and pump with the arms for maximum speed.
  • When using the Ski Erg start on the tiptoes as this will help to start the momentum.
  • Set yourself a target, especially when on the Assault Bike. Push until you are out of your comfort zone, look at the RPM and keep it there!

The Workout

Round 1


Round 2


Round 3


½ Burpee Burpee Burpee Turn
Ski Erg Ski Erg Ski Erg
Crunch Leg Raise V-Sit
Assault Bike Assault Bike Assault Bike
Goblet Squat Borrower Squat Long Jump
SKillmill Sprints SKillmill Sprints Skillmill Sprints
Hot Hands 1,2,3 Press Plank Jack Press


Speedmill—Timings—45 seconds work—15 seconds recovery—8 exercises per round—2 minute finisher at the end