Fighting Fit Conditioning Circuit

By Skye Allen, Assistant Fitness Manager, Ibn Battuta Fitness First

Fitness fans, try adding this short circuit to your exercise routine to boost your conditioning. All of the movements within this circuit are geared towards total body integration through various martial arts conditioning drills. The aim is to work through the two-minute round with a one minute recovery at an intensity which challenges the body but allows you to maintain quality movement. Good luck!

Jab Cross, cross jump combo
Goal: This drill is aimed at gaining hand speed.  

Begin in your fight stance. You will then throw twenty jab crosses with the emphasis on speed. After you land the final punch, you hurdle laterally left then forward. Before throwing twenty jab crosses. Once completing your punch repetitions for the second time you will hurdle backwards and laterally right.

Work time: 40 seconds

Medicine ball sprawl to wall throw
Goal: The aim of this drill is total body integration.

There are two parts to this exercise as you begin to feel confident with the movement progress it into one flowing movement. For the first part begin in your fight stance. The aim is to simulate an opponent attempting to tackle you. Using the medicine ball, you place both hands on top of the ball before shooting both legs backwards and pushing your hips into the medicine ball. The second part of the exercise begins with the hips in contact with the ball. You would then jump both of your legs forward allowing them to land either side of the ball. Dropping your hips you will now deadlift and curl the medicine ball to chest height before throwing the ball from chest height at the wall with as much explosive energy as possible. As the ball comes back from the wall you would catch it before going into your next repetition.

Work time: 40 seconds

Gorilla Walk
Goal: The aim of this exercise is to create movement, fluidity and body control.

After marking out a 10-metre distance begin in a squat position with a natural spine. You will then reach diagonally forward to the left with both hands. The next step is to push off with your legs transferring your bodyweight through your upper body landing softly onto your hands swinging your hips around to the left pulling your knees towards your elbows, landing back into the start position to finish. You would begin the next repetition by reaching diagonally right.

Work time: 40 seconds