Get beach ready with the Brazilian Butt Burn

By Caroline Linhares and Malu De Oliveira, Personal Trainers at Fitness First Uptown Mirdif Ladies

Brazil is  well known for beautiful beaches, great football players and one of the best carnival parties in the world, but lets not forget what this article is about… Brazilian women are also renowned for having great glutes!

The importance of having strong glutes goes beyond the beauty and aesthetics. Your gluteus plays an important role in core stability as well as your posture.

Here are 3 key exercises to start your ‘glute Building’ program:

Sumo Squats
4 sets
12-15 reps

Sumo Squat 1 Sumo Squat 2


Donkey Kicks V1
4 sets
12-15 reps | Bent knee

Donkey Kick - Bent Knee


Donkey Kicks V2
4 sets
12-15 reps | Extended knee

Donkey Kick - Extended Knee


Romanian Dead Lifts
4 sets
12-15 reps

Romanian Dead Lift 1 Romanian Dead Lift 2

Implement each of those exercises into your leg routine, selecting the weight according to your fitness level and increase progressively. Remember to keep your core well engaged while performing each exercise. This will support your posture and prevent injuries.

Always remember to have your protein shake after a session which will help your body recover and build the shape you desire.