Vida Downtown Dubai’s Finest – Toko


If you’re a fan of creative contemporary Japanese fusion cuisine and are looking for something chic and healthy for that special occasion then Toko is the place for you. They say you get what you pay for and while Toko isn’t cheap, the food and service are exceptional and the ambience is delightful. Think dimly lit Manhattan cocktail bar with a touch of Oriental elegance.

A pet gripe with many restaurants in Dubai is that the waiting staff aren’t often knowledgeable enough about the menu but nothing could be further from the truth where Toko is concerned. Our friendly and welcoming hostess guided us expertly through the variety of equally delicious sounding choices and made some terrific recommendations. Sharing plates of Wagyu beef gyoza with soy chili dressing and shiso along with langoustine tempura with wasbi and jalapeno mayo whetted the appetite nicely for what was to be a taste sensation in the mains.

We opted for braised short rib (one of the most favorsome we’ve ever tasted) along with the equally delectable black cod marinated in saikyo miso along with asparagus and the surprisingly fitting grilled avocado in sweet soy and lime. Despite an array of wonderful sounding desserts – we tried to be good and requested a single scoop of homemade green tea sorbet to round of a memorable evening at Toko.