Slide fit at Aquaventure water park

Everyone loves a water park. It’s a fact – and in the UAE we’re spoilt for choice with some of the biggest and best in the world, including the wonderful Aquaventure.

The sprawling park, situated at the iconic Atlantis The Palm in Dubai, is spread over 17 hectares featuring an abundance of slides, the bulk of which are centred around two gargantuan towers – Neptune and Poseidon. There’s the famous ‘Leap of Faith’ – a nine storey mega slide which features a near vertical drop which ends by taking riders through a shark infested Aquarium; and the terrifying Poseidon’s Revenge where riders enter a capsule before the floor contracts and drops them straight down at speeds of 60kph before sending them upside down round a double loop. There’s the world record 30ft wide Aquaconda and Zoomerango – on which riders slide in a six-person inflatable rings having a blast all the way – and many more flumes as well as a huge zip line, lazy river, kids play area, beach and so forth.

A day out at a waterpark is a fun day indeed. But what if we told you that it was also a great way to stay fit and healthy? Think about it – 75 hectares means a lot of walking and all those slides are accessed by a huge number of steps. We decided to test just how beneficial a trip to Aquaventure is for your health (it really is a tough job but someone has
to do it…) Our scientific experiment (day of outrageous fun) lasted 5.25 hours. We were amazed to learn that in that time, we covered 14.77 miles (including sliding distance), burned 1,800 calories and took 17,399 steps. So next time you want to convince your family or friends to join you on a day out at Aquaventure, you’ll have the perfect rationalisation. You’re welcome.