Vietnamese delights at Hoi An

What’s not to love about Vietnamese food? It’s relatively healthy and packed full of colourful flavour and one of the leading restaurants serving up this tasty Asian cuisine in Dubai is Hoi An, situated in the Shangri-la Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road.

Having heard good reports about the place, we headed to Hoi An to find out what all the fuss is about. The restaurant is a nice size – not too big but by no means pokey which makes for a lovely ambience. Dark red wood tables and traditional Vietnamese hanging lanterns set a warm classy tone while our hostess was exceptional – full of fun and not too formal while oozing confidence and knowledge about the menu. Just the right balance to help us relax into the evening.

For starters we went for the Hoi An Tasting Platter which featured a selection of different appetizers including Tôm Chiên Giòn – crispy coconut prawns in a rice basket with tropical fruit salsa; Göi Cu n Tôm Gà – organic chicken and shrimp rice paper roll with vermicelli and Hoành Thánh Tôm Hùm – Boston lobster ravioli with shiitake mushrooms, dried scallop
crumbs, wild baby rocket, mango gastrique and coconut reduction. This is a highly, recommended choice if like us, you’re terrible at deciding what to have and want to get a good overview of the menu.

It would be remiss to go for a Vietnamese dining experience and not try some Pho – a staple of the country which is a traditional soup consisting of broth, rice noodles called bánh pho, a few herbs, and meat. As our waitress explains, Pho is enjoyed by the Vietnamese at all times of the day – breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hoi An’s version was delicious with a nice little kick as well.

For mains we had Bò Nuong Sa Sot Nam – a strikingly flavourful Angus beef tenderloin with
roasted kipfler potatoes, baby asparagus and foie gras and Tôm Rang Bo Toi – pan-fried tiger prawns with beansprouts, spring onion and garlic beignet. What a taste sensation. Top quality service to match top quality food. A perfect match and well worth a visit.

Hoi An
Level 1,Shangri-la Hotel, Sheikh Zayed
Road – Dubai
Tel: + 971 (0) 4 405 2703
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