ASICS – Letting my feet speak

By Scott Grayston

Last month ASICS had an intriguing event at Go Sport, Mall of the Emirates where they did a full 3D running analysis on me to find the perfect running shoes for my style and demands. The tests were done by two German product experts that flew in from Germany.

The two ASICS trainers tested out were the Gel-Nimbus 19 and the fuzeX Rush. As you can guess by the latter’s name, that was a lighter trainer which was more suited for shorter distances whereas the Gel Nimbus 19’s were more durable and comfortable for longer runs. It was interesting to see how the results came out after running on the treadmill wearing the two different trainers.

here was much less excursion and velocity on the floor with the Gel-Nimbus’ so it was clear that they would be much better shoes for running a marathon as my chance of injury would be reduced. That’s why these trainers were my favourite out of the two. I would certainly recommend investing in them if you have any long-distance events coming up. Back in the day I never believed that running trainers would make any difference to your performance but you don’t realise the difference until you get some for both comfort and support.

What did I learn?

  • Running shoes for longer distances (half marathons or further) should be tight near the laces but have plenty of gap near your toes because your feet swell up when running this far.
  • The ‘Marathon Laces Technique’. I shouldn’t really reveal this German secret but I was taught how to tie my laces in a new way to make your trainers tighter near the ankle to offer more support.
  • The innovative technology that is in the new Asics trainers could be a game-changer in the running realm.
  • Matching a shoe’s properties with the runner’s running style will increase comfort, running efficiency, and contribute to decreasing the risk of injury.