What’s an easy diet plan to follow during COVID-19?


Don’t worry if you’re panicking over the COVID-19 outbreak and are unsure what to eat/cook or buy to help you stick to a diet plan. Nutrition, Health and Fitness Specialist, Nicky Holland, has provided an easy diet plan to help you stay healthy and feeling good. 

Nicky Holland

“One thing is for sure; people will snack more at home Why? Because you know the food is there. If you are working from home, the kitchen is never too far away. It is a lot more accessible, and easier to reach for something in the cupboard than wait until lunch time for proper food. My main tip here is to have a structure, just like a normal working day. You wouldn’t wander from your desk at work to the shop every 20 minutes to snack, so don’t do it at home. When you wake up, have breakfast like you would do normally. Make sure you have a form of protein for breakfast. Then at lunch time, have a proper meal that will fill you up. For dinner, another good meal with a good balance of healthy carbs, proteins and fats. If your are within your daily calorie intake for the day, you will not gain weight. If you snack more than normal, order a take away every night, eat more sugars and processed food, you are likely to gain weight. Stay within your daily calorie intake and you will maintain your current weight.



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Day 7💥 Home workout * * 1️⃣ Hip Thrust x10 2️⃣ Half Burpee x15 3️⃣ Heel flicks x20 4️⃣ Heel reach x20 5️⃣ Spider-Man Push ups x10 6️⃣ Rowing x20 Repeat x5 times or as many times as you can. Time yourself & try to complete as quick as you can 💥 * * * Save the video, tag us when you do it & send it to anyone who will benefit from it ❤️ Enjoy, N&H @little_h92 * * @myproteinae @dubai @mydubai @dubaifitfam @repsuae @uae_fitnessdubai @dubai92 @dubaieye1038fm @khaleejtimes @toughmudder_uae @spartanarabia @empiricmiddleeast @aminoapp.dxb #nickyfitness #partnerworkout #gymclosure #homeworkout #dubaipt #personaltraining #gymbuddy #partnerworkouts #bodyweighttraining #noequipment #fitness #dubaifitness #exercise #motivation #inspiration #dubaifitcouple #trainathome #quarantine #fitcouple #workout #nogym #keepfit #n&h

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“As a fitness professional, I’m a little worried. I’ve seen many people queue for toilet roll and hand sanitiser. Some places have had to ration, only allowing a few people to enter the shop at the same time and limiting them to the amount of items they can buy. Yet, there is plenty of fruit and vegetables and very little queue. My point here, is that we think we are being proactive by buying things in advance and stocking up on ‘essentials’ but in my opinion, we need to be preventative. If we ate more fruit and vegetables, we would have a stronger immune system. We would then be in a better position to fight off virus’ and germs. So if you are looking for essentials to buy, think about the foods that are going to support your immune system. Make these little changes to your diet and you will start to feel healthier, feel like you have more energy and you probably won’t get sick as often.
“I hope you find my tips useful. My last piece of advice is to stay in routine. if you are going to bed later than normal because you’re watching a film, if you’re getting up later because you’re working from home, if you’re staying in your pyjamas until lunch time this is not good. This can all create bad habits. When you wake up, have a shower or get dressed just like you would do normally. Simply doing that will make you feel more productive. Have breakfast and then you’re ready for the day ahead! If we deviate too much away from our current routine, such as our sleeping pattern, eating habits and exercise program, we will find it harder to get back into routine when this virus passes.”
For more advice and tips, follow our SFME page where we will keep you staying fit and healthy during this difficult period.