Activade: Revive, restore, recover


Cross functional sports drink, Activade, has now launched in the Middle East after becoming a major hit in Pakistan where it was the first domestically produced sports drink on the market. The sports energy drink is scientifically formulated to help replace water, electrolytes, and energy, as well as refueling working muscles after exercise or dehydrating activities.

Activade sports drink was launched in 2014 by Hamza Ahmed to challenge sugary beverages in the South Asian and Middle Eastern region. The brand adopted a mass distribution strategy and running parallel to this was a targeted marketing strategy for creating awareness about the product. The result of Ahmed’s far-sighted approach is that Activade’s share in the sports drink market has been increasing exponentially with each passing day as more and more people discover its health benefits, great taste and attractive price point.

Dehydration is a major concern in the Middle East because of the soaring temperatures and humidity but Activade has you covered. It actually helps children stay more hydrated than water because the flavour and sodium in sports drinks helps encourage them to drink substantially more than you would of just plain water.

Sugar debate
Activade contains less than half the sugar of many other beverages such as fruit juice and carbonated soft drinks, lessening the chance of stomach discomfort.

Caffeine free
Activade products are designed to provide real carbohydrate energy rather than the perceived energy provided by caffeine in traditional energy drinks. All Activade products are caffeine-free and should not be confused with traditional energy drinks.

Why choose Activade over water?
Activade replenishes electrolytes like sodium, potassium and chloride that are lost in sweat. Activade helps put back lost electrolytes and stimulates thirst so athletes will drink more and stay better hydrated. Unlike water, Activade refuels with carbohydrates to give working muscles more energy to help athletes keep pushing their hardest.

What is in Activade?
Activade Sports Drink contains the electrolytes sodium and potassium. This is because sweat contains more than just water – when athletes sweat, they also lose electrolytes such as sodium, potassium that are essential to hydration and muscle function. Unlike water and other beverages that are not scientifically formulated with the recommended amount of electrolytes for the active occasion, Activade is lab-tested to ensure it helps replenish the electrolytes lost in sweat while maintaining thirst so athletes will adequately ingest enough fluid and electrolytes to stay well-hydrated.