UAE’s youngest athletes enjoy three times the fun at the XDubai x3 Junior Triathlon


It was a triumph of energy and talent as more than 500 young triathletes swam, cycled and ran through the custom-made courses at La Mer for the XDubai X3 Junior Triathlon, Presented by Meraas on Friday, 23 November. The second edition of the event, organised by XDubai exclusively for youth aged 4 – 16, featured seven categories with differing course lengths, across the three triathlon disciplines.

Taking place on what is the last weekend of the Dubai Fitness Challenge (DFC) (26 October – 24 November), the event aimed to inspire healthier lifestyles amongst young people and their families and encouraged them to embrace sports as part of their daily routine.

XDubai recognised the top three performers in each category with trophies, gifts and giveaways. The young victors who made it to the podium were:

  • 4 – 5 years (25m swim, 300m bike, 100m run) – Hanna Al Hashimi (5, UAE) and Jake Westary (5, GBR)
  • 6 – 7 years (50m swim, 300m bike, 200m run) – Yara Plum (7, Germany) and Joseph Asher (7, GBR)
  • 8 – 9 years (50m swim, 600m bike, 200m run) – Charlotte Thurston (9, GBR) and Nikola Blazevic (8, Serbia)
  • 10 – 11 years (100m swim, 600m bike, 300m run) – Sophia Teja (10, GBR) and Matt Ortner (10, Austria)
  • 12 – 13 years (Novice) (100m swim, 900m bike, 300m run) – Lara Teja (12, GBR) and Benjamin Garvey (13, GBR)
  • 12 – 13 years (Advanced) (150m swim, 2km bike, 1.1km run) – Jasmine Crawley (12, Australia) and Kenzi De Roeck (12, Belgium)
  • 14 – 16 years (200m swim, 3km bike, 1.4km run) – Hannah Magee (15, New Zealand) and Sammy Burns (16, Australia)

In addition to lauding all podium finishers, XDubai also awarded every child who crossed the finish line with a medal.

“Today, our young athletes defied their limits and inspired us with their bravery, determination and positive attitude. They showed us that being a winner is about embracing challenges, putting in our best effort and having fun while doing it all.” said Mohammed Javad, General Manager of XDubai.

Sammy Burns, who won the 14 – 16 year-old category encouraged more youngsters to give triathlons a go: “Participating in a triathlon is really lifting, in addition to being really good for your fitness. It has so many benefits in the long term.”

The XDubai team also recognised Izaak Khadri with the Sportsmanship Award for the strong support he showed his fellow competitors: “I think helping people is a really nice thing to do as it gives people a chance to push further. I really enjoyed being part of the event while helping others.”

The event was one of a number of events held by XDubai during the second annual Dubai Fitness Challenge, including the XDubai Spartan Women’s Race which was held on 27th October and the XDubai Spartan Race, Presented by Dubai Holding, which took place on 17th November in Hatta. The event precedes XDubai’s last DFC event, XYoga’s Sundown Breath, powered by Reebok, scheduled to take place on 24th November at Caesars Bluewaters Dubai.

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