EFA Dubai’s Kevin Fairhurst: We will finish this season’s league


With all football being brought to a halt, local teams in the Expat Football Association (EFA) Dubai league are concerned if, how and when the league will finish with lots still to play for.

With just four games remaining it would be a massive shame if the league doesn’t conclude with DocMania Nations, Desert Snakes FC, Allstars Armadillos FC and Dr Roze’s Rovers still in with a chance of lifting the title.

DocMania Nations
48 18 16 0 2 87 28 59
Desert Snakes FC
46 18 15 1 2 81 24 57
Allstars Armadillos FC
43 18 14 1 3 72 32 40
Dr Roze’s Rovers
43 18 14 1 3 67 52 15


The League founder and CEO, Kevin Fairhurst has confirmed the remaining games will be played, even if it’s not anytime soon. “There’s no doubt we will finish the league,” says Fairhurst. “We might have to play evening games during the summer once everyone is safe from COVID-19. Whatever happens, we will find a way, even if that means delaying the start of the upcoming season.”

Kevin Fairhurst

Fairhurst has big plans for next season with the introduction of a new division to help separate the various level of teams. “Next season there will be two divisions in the EFA 11 aside league,” Fairhurst added. “There will be a Premier Division which will all be played on grass pitches in Dubai and that will be a Saturday league. Then the Division 1 league will be aimed for the more social teams where you won’t need a kit and can have more players in your matchday squad.”

Fairhurst has an exciting announcement to make at the end of April which will have a huge impact on the league. He’s stated it will be a ‘gamechanger’ so it will be intriguing to hear what this is. We will keep you updated on www.sfmemag.com.