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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

HIIT Post-Burning Body Fat Workout

By Pamela Vargas, Program Manager at Fitness First Mudon Community Club If you like to be in and out of the gym in a short period...

Training for the sport of life with BodyAttack

BodyAttack is a high-intensity fitness class that combines athletic movements like running, jumping and lunging with strength exercises such as push-ups and squats. This...

How to assess your shoulders and any imbalances

By Pola Solsona, Personal Trainer at Golden Mile Dubai The aim of this article is to help you to recognise some of the main problems...

SWING YOGA: Satisfy the mind whilst soothing the body

By Sathish Thirumurthy, a Personal Trainer at Fitness First Motor City Swing Yoga has a number of benefits. It is very therapeutic in relieving compressed...

5 rules to never get injured in the gym

Whatever your fitness goals are, getting injured surely isn't one of them. But according to a study from the University of Arkansas, there has...